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Guillotine Shear Blades are called straight knives, long knives, etc., which are mainly used for cross-cutting equipment, slitting line cutting heads, cutting tails, etc. Depending on the material and thickness of the metal sheet, there are many types of guillotine blades, and there is no universal material that can cope with all cutting conditions. In daily production, sheet metal processing plants often need to use the same equipment to cut a wide variety of materials with different thicknesses, which makes the selection of blade materials more difficult. If you don't pay attention, the blade is not wear-resistant, or even chipping.
Similar to the slitter blades, the materials for straight blades can be roughly divided into three categories, namely cemented carbide (tungsten carbide, TC), high-speed steel and alloy tool steel. But unlike the slitter blades, cemented carbide and high-speed steel account for a much smaller proportion in practical applications, and they are mostly used for cutting silicon steel sheets, thinner stainless steel and other materials. Alloy tool steel occupies a large proportion in the use of cross shears, including D2 (SKD11, 1.2379, KL31, G6), LD, H13 (SKD61, 1.2344, KL11, G15) and our company's patented material G1. Their application scenarios include copper and aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, various carbon steels, structural steels, stainless steels, high-strength steels, etc. The thickness range of sheared materials is also relatively large, from 0.04 mm to 25 mm, and some have even exceeded 25 mm.
Excellent guillotine shear blades should have the following characteristics:
♦ The right material
♦ Mature and outstanding heat treatment process
♦ Good tolerance to ensure stable and accurate blade clearance
Goodklife Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Maanshan can produce all kinds of shear blades with a length of up to 5500 mm. We are willing to share the valuable experience of more than 30 years with you at any time, welcome to contact us!