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Rolling Mill Blade
There are many types of steel rolling mill blades, which are divided into hot cutting blades and cold cutting blades. Hot-rolled materials include steel, angle steel, channel steel, H-section steel, medium and heavy plates, etc., which are mostly used in building structures. In some applications, such as automotive panels and home appliance panels, cold-rolled sheets are required to ensure dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Here we mainly introduce the hot-rolled cutting blades, including FLYING SHEAR BLADES, WIDE AND THICK PLATE TRIMMING DISC SHEAR BLADES, HEAD SHEAR BLADES, FIXED-LENGTH SHEAR BLADES, TAIL SHEAR BLADES, V-SHAPED SHEAR BLADES, R-SHAPED SHEAR BLADES, CONCAVE-CONVEX CUTTING BLADE, etc. The blades of the rolling mill are larger in size, up to 6 meters in length and 1.5 meters in diameter. During the hot rolling process, the temperature of the material being cut is relatively high, which requires the blades used to have good high temperature resistance, and the knife edge should not have annealing problems due to long-term exposure to high temperatures.

At present, most of the blade materials used in the high temperature hot rolling process all over the world are H13 (SKD61, 1.2344, KL11, G15). But its service life is short, and the effect of high temperature shearing over 1000 degrees Celsius is not ideal. In order to find better materials, Goodklife jointly developed the G1 material with industry professionals at the beginning of this century and obtained a national patent. G1 high-alloy material has good toughness, ensuring that there will be no chipping during use, and has good creep resistance and wear resistance, which greatly improves the hot rolling shear effect. So far, our rolling mill blades have been widely used in the equipment of major manufacturers, including SMS, Danieli, ANDRITZ, etc.

The blade size of the rolling mill is large and the cutting conditions are complicated, which puts forward higher requirements for the blade design and production. Please feel free to contact us and let us make progress together!