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Stripper Ring is also called rubber ring, rubber bonded ring, rubber-coated ring, steel ring, etc. Its function is mainly to balance the shearing force and to push the strip out of the shearing zone in time. There are three main types of stripper rings, which are bonded stripper rings, loose stripper rings and steel stripper rings.
The rubber or polyurethane on the outside of the bonded stripper ring is coated on the iron core by a special casting method, and then processed as a whole. The bonded stripper ring is not only used as a stripper ring, but the steel core part also acts as a spacer.
The loose stripper ring has only rubber or polyurethane part, and it is put on the spacer ring when it is used. There are also two types of loose stripper rings, one is a single duro stripper ring, and the other is a double duro stripper ring. The inner part of the double duro stripper ring has higher hardness, which can effectively extend the service life of the stripper ring.
The steel stripper ring is made of alloy tool steel, and its strength is much greater than that of rubber or polyurethane stripper rings. It is specially used for slitting narrow and hard material coils.
No matter which kind of stripper ring has its own advantages and disadvantages, we need to choose according to the exact cutting situation and budget. Contact us, we are willing to discuss with you at any time!