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Scrap chopper knives are also called scrap shear blades, scrap recycling knives, etc. They are mainly used for scrap recycling of slitting lines, crocodile shears and metal balers. There are also many materials for scrap chopper blades, especially scrap metal shredding and recycling. Due to the complexity of its types and specifications, the blade must not only meet the toughness requirements, ensure that no chipping problems occur, but also pursue good wear resistance, thereby improve service life.
For the scrap chopper knives of the slitting line, the accuracy requirements are high, so that each knife clearance can be accurate, otherwise it is easy to cause some knife clearances to be too large to chop the two side strips. Once this happens, it will bring great inconvenience to the subsequent scrap recycling work. The material of the scrap chopper knives of the slitting line can generally be the same as the material of the slitting knives, and the selection is based on the material and thickness of the coil. It can be roughly divided into three categories, namely cemented carbide (tungsten carbide, TC), high-speed steel and alloy tool steel. Cemented carbide and high-speed steel are mostly used for cutting materials such as silicon steel sheet, copper and aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, thinner stainless steel, etc. Alloy tool steels include D2 (SKD11, 1.2379, KL31, G6), LD, H13 (SKD61, 1.2344, KL11, G15) and our company's patented material G1, etc. They are mostly used for chopping conventional non-ferrous metals, various carbon steels, stainless steels, and high-strength steels.
Scrap shear blades on scrap metal recycling equipment such as crocodile shears and metal balers need to have good toughness, because various metal scrap materials, diameters or thickness specifications are not the same, and some have very large spans. If the toughness of the scrap shredding shear blade is not good, the problem of chipping is extremely prone to occur. Once a large chipping occurs, the blade may no longer be usable. Of course, the scrap shredding shear blade cannot blindly pursue high toughness, which will reduce the strength of the blade and result in a reduction in service life. Finally, the blades had to be replaced frequently, resulting in downtime and lost work and increased blade procurement costs. Conventional scrap shredding shear blade materials include 55SiCr, 5CrW2Si, H13, etc., which need to be chosen according to the specific shearing environment.
The design of the scrap chopper knives is a technical task. From the material selection and the design of the processing technology including heat treatment, strong technology and experience are required. Contact us and let us make progress together!