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The slitting tool is an indispensable spare parts of the slitting line, it can be said that the quality of slitting tools largely affects the cutting effect. Modern slitting lines have high speed and high accuracy, which requires the slitting tools to have a higher service life, thereby reducing the time cost of downtime due to replacement of accessories. On the other hand, there are also higher requirements for the accuracy of slitting tools, In order to minimize the accumulated error and improve the cutting quality.                                                            


Patent material;
Longer services life;
Fully harden into core;
Super high precision;
Forging thoroughly;
Customize material on our own;
On-site training.       

Slitting Line Tooling mainly includes:


♦ Slitter knives

♦ Stripper rings

♦ Spacers

Separator tooling

Hydraulic nuts

​​​​​​Goodklife has been focusing on the production of slitting tools for more than 30 years, and has accumulated rich experience in the production and use of slitting tools. While providing high-quality products, we have also spared no effort to help customers analyze, test, and improve the cutting quality of products. Regardless of whether it is our customer or not, we are willing to share relevant experience with you and provide solutions.If you are looking for slitting line for sale, welcome to contact us.