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When an enterprise has multiple slitting machines with the same shaft diameter, how to economically equip slitting knives and tools?

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Author : Yuan Feng
Update time : 2019-12-25 12:07:00
  Many metal cutting companies have multiple slitting machines, but their cutting thickness ranges are the same, mostly from 0.5 to 3mm. Once the thickness range is large, they must equip each machine with multiple sets of bonded stripper ringsSuch a configuration is unreasonable for both the purchase of tools and the reduction of production costs. Therefore, it is recommended that the relevant companies arrange the production of slitting machines according to the coil thickness. This arrangement will bring the following benefits:
  1. Due to the narrow thickness range, the set number of female bonded stripper rings is less, which can save purchase costs;
  2. Due to the narrow thickness range, the precision requirements of the slitting machine for cutting thick coils are naturally reduced, and investment costs can also be saved.
  Above all, the above is only for the reference of metal cutting companies, and the actual arrangement needs to be determined according to actual conditions.