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How to repair the accuracy of slitter knives, BSR steel cores and thin spacers?

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Author : Summer Xia
Update time : 2021-04-12 16:43:37
Precision slitter knives, BSR (bonded stripper rings) steel cores, and thin spacers will definitely damage their accuracy in terms of parallelism, flatness, and thickness after a period of use, which needs to be repaired. However, be very careful in the repair process to avoid over-repairing and unable to restore the original accuracy. Of course, you must be able to measure them first, and with the results of the measurement, there is a guideline for repair.

1. For the slitter knives, mainly remove the adhesion and rust spots on both sides on the polishing machine.

2. The BSR steel cores and thin spacers should also be repaired on a polishing machine as much as possible. If it cannot be repaired or over repaired, then do everything possible to ask the original supplier to change the thick one to the next thin one. In this way, only some thick bonded stripper rings and thin spacer rings need to be added, which can save a lot of costs. In the repair process, it is important to emphasize parallelism, which is the basis of all precision. In the case of last resort, the thickness error can be adjusted with a thin spacer. A small amount of flatness error can also be improved under the strong pressure of the hydraulic nut. Tools with poor parallelism are not worth using.