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Slitter Knife for High Tensile Strength and Ultra High Tensile Strength Coils

National Patented Material - G1
ESR Purified Raw Material
Ultra precision tolerance
Long lasting sharpness
Bur-free slitting
Description Detail Parameters
CORE PARAMETERS                                                                       
Brand: Goodklife
Size: Customized
Package: Plywood Case
Raw Material: Tool Alloy Steel, like H13, G1 (refer to Material Recommendation Sheet)
Category: Precision (refer to Precision Sheet)
Photo of Goodklife's Factory 
Maanshan China
At present, the lightweight and high-strength automobile body structure, as well as reducing energy consumption, reducing emissions, and improving occupant safety have become the mainstream direction of the development of the automobile industry. The automotive industry’s demand for ultra-high-strength automotive steel is increasing year by year. The field of ultra-high-strength steel has become the scientific research focus of major steel companies. The ability to stably provide advanced ultra-high-strength steel products above 1200 MPa has become an important indicator of the level of R&D and manufacturing of steel enterprises. At the same time, the cutting problem has become increasingly prominent. Traditional slitting and cross-cutting tools cannot meet the cutting needs of high-strength steel and ultra-high-strength steel, which are characterized by easy chipping, dullness of the knife edge, and short cutting life. The G1 material jointly developed by Goodklife and several university professors of materials can meet the shearing requirements of high-strength steel and ultra-high-strength steel, and greatly improve the service life of the blade.
Some Grades And Their Performance
Grade Yield Strength MPa Tensile Strength MPa Thickness Range mm
450DP 250~320 450 0.5~2.3
590DP 340~440 590 0.5~2.3
780DP 420~550 780 0.7~2.1
980DP 550~730 980 0.8~2.1
1180DP 820~1130 1180 1.0~2.1
590TR 380~480 590 0.7~2.3
690TR 400~520 690 0.7~2.3
780TR 420~580 780 0.7~2.1
980TR 450~700 980 0.9~2.1
780MS 500~700 780 1.0~2.1
980MS 700~960 980 1.0~2.1
1180MS 950~1200 1180 1.0~2.1
1300MS 1030~1300 1300 1.0~2.1
1500MS 1200~1500 1500 1.0~2.1

Main Application
High-strength steel and ultra-high-strength steel can be applied to front bumper reinforcements, energy-absorbing boxes, front longitudinal beams, shock-absorbing suspension roofs, dashboard frames, A-pillar reinforcement, door anti-collision beams, door sill reinforcement, and B-pillar reinforcement Panels, middle aisle reinforcements, roof rails, floor cross members, C-pillar reinforcements, rear side rails, rear bumper reinforcements, seat slide rails, seat support panels, seat headrest frames, and seat back edges Board and other parts. HIGH-STRENGTH AND ULTRA-HIGH-STRENGTH COILS DP980
Maanshan China 
Special for HTS & UHTS Coils
ESR Purified Raw Material - G1
Shoot in Natural Light of Hig-precision Slitter knife
Cutting Difficulties
• High strength, tensile strength above 440 MPa, some of them can reach 980 MPa, 1180 MPa and 1500 MPa
• Continuous shear is prone to cracking
• The blade wears quickly, frequent tool change and grinding, and high production cost

Blade Material Selection
Traditional material D2 (Cr12Mo1V1, 1.2379, SKD11), H13, etc.
D2 is a high-carbon and high-chromium alloy tool steel with good wear resistance and can meet the shearing requirements of thin plates with strength below DP1180. However, its toughness is poor, and it is prone to cracking problems in shearing thicker high-strength steels.
Due to its limited strength, H13 wears quickly when cutting high-strength steel and ultra-high-strength steel, and has a short service life. It is prone to problems such as dullness of the knife edge, resulting in excessive burrs on the edge of the strips.
New Material G1 is a patented material of Goodklife Company, which belongs to low-carbon high-alloy special steel, specially designed for (ultra) high-strength steel. Compared with traditional blade materials, its cutting life is significantly improved.
Figure 1 shows the statistical data of shearing volume when one automotive sheet company uses our company's slitter blades made of three different materials to cut DP780 with 1.8 mm thickness.
Figure 2 shows the statistical data of shearing volume when one automotive sheet company uses our company's slitter blades made of three different materials to cut DP1180 with 2.0 mm thickness.
Performance Comparation of Slitter Knives Made of Three Different Materials for Slitting DP780 with 1.8 mm Thickness

Fig. 1   Performance Comparation of Slitter Knives Made of Three Different Materials for Slitting DP780 with 1.8 mm Thickness

Performance Comparation of Slitter Knives Made of Three Different Materials for Slitting DP1180 with 2 mm Thickness

Fig. 2   Performance Comparation of Slitter Knives Made of Three Different Materials for Slitting DP1180 with 2 mm Thickness
Blade Accuracy Selection
External tolerance: +/- 0.01-+/- 0.02 mm
Inner diameter tolerance: H6, H7
Surface finish: Ra=0.2, 0.4 um
See Table 1 for thickness, flatness and parallelism

Table 1   Precision Level for Slitter Blade from Goodklife

Precision Level for Slitter Blade from Goodklife
Horizontal Gap (Clearance) Selection
Accurate and constant horizontal slitter knife clearance is a decisive factor to ensure perfect cutting, but it is affected by many factors, including but not limited to slitting line accuracy, bearing accuracy, cutter shaft accuracy, and slitting tool accuracy. In addition, choosing the right horizontal clearance is also very important. Figure 3 is the horizontal clearance diagram for slitting (ultra) high-strength steel. Processing companies can use this as a reference and make adjustments according to the shearing effect, and finally find the most perfect horizontal clearance value.
Horizontal Clearance Diagram for Slitting (Ultra) High-Strength Steel
Fig. 3   Horizontal Clearance Diagram for Slitting (Ultra) High-Strength Steel
Overlap (Penetration) Selection
We know that during the slitting process, the overlap of the upper and lower blades needs to be adjusted according to the performance and thickness of the coil. Excessive overlap will cause repeated shearing problems, which will not only cause excessive burrs on the edge of the strips, but also accelerate the wear of the slitting blade. Due to the high strength of (ultra) high-strength steel, as long as the upper and lower knives overlap too much, the wear rate of the blades will be more obvious. Figure 4 is a overlap graph for slitting (ultra) high-strength steel, which can be adjusted by the producer according to the actual situation. There is only one general principle, as long as the overlap amount can satisfy that all strips can be completely cut, the smaller the better.
Overlap Graph for Slitting (Ultra) High-Strength Steel
Fig.4   Overlap Graph for Slitting (Ultra) High-Strength Steel
- SINCE 1988

Goodklife belongs to the SHINITE Group. Its original parent company, Jinhai Metallurgy, was founded
by Mr. Cao Jinhai in 1988 in Bowang Town, Ma'anshan, the hometown of Chinese cutting tools.
As one of the earliest manufacturers of metal cutting tools in China,
it has been leading the industry for decades.

BRAND PURSUIT, Considering from every angle of each knife, it is GOODKLIFE's endless pursuit to design a tool suitable for the user's working conditions.
ESR Precess in Goodklife's Factory ESR RAW MATERIAL, electroslag remelting high-purity steel is the starting point of high-quality cutting tools, composed of precise proportions of chromium, molybdenum and other alloy components, pursuing an ideal balance of high wear resistance and high toughness.
FULLY FORGED, the internal organization is more precise. Perfectly forged from the whole piece of steel, it is formed in one piece with perfect shape and long-lasting cutting performance. Forging Pgoto in Goodklife's Factory
Inspection Photo in Goodklife's Factory MICRON-LEVEL PRECISION, the ultra-high-precision slitting tools perfectly meet the demanding slitting, avoiding all unfavorable factors such as excessive accumulated errors.
Spacer for Coils Slitting Line Stripper Ring for Coil Slitting Line Hydraulic Nuts for Metal Coil Slitting Line
1 How to choose the materials for slitter knives and slitter tools, and what are the principles for selecting knife materials?
2 What parameters do users need to provide before purchasing a set of slitting tools?
3 What kind of setup assembly modes are there when slitting metal coils?
4 What are the different ideas and methods in the purchase of knives?
5 How to choose the surface roughness of slitting knives and related tools?
6 What issues should be considered in tool purchase?
7 What are the basic points of manufacturing precision knives and tools?
8 What are the commonly used slitting tool materials?
9 What is the effect of metal elements on the performance of the slitting tool?
10 Why is a perfect heat treatment process the key to manufacturing high-quality knives?
1 FIMI Italy
2 Guida Italy
3 Vigano Italy
4 FAGOR Spain
5 American Steel
6 Sanno MFG
7 Jiangsu Yawei Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
8 Jinan Eagle CNC Machine Co., Ltd.
9 China National Heavy Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd.
10 Well Time Steel (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Slitting Line Tooling Assembly
Brand Goodklife
Material Tool Alloy Steel, Like H13, G1 (refer to Material Recommendation Sheet)
Thickness +/- 0.0010 mm or as request
Size Customized
Parallelism 0.002 mm or as request
Flatness 0.002 mm or as request
OD +/- 0.01 mm or as request
ID H6 or as request
Dirt Groove Yes or as request
Keyway as request 
Heat treatment through-hardening
Surface Quality Precision Ground/Lapped/Polished/Mirror Polished
Specialized for design for supper high tensile strength coils, like DP690, DP780, DP1180 or more
Inner packaging applied with anti-rust oil, packed in plastic bag separately or as request
Outer packaging cardboard case/plywood case or as request
to be packed solidly suitable for long distance marine transportation and multi-handling and well protected against dampness, moisture, shock, rust and rough handling. We will be liable for any expense and loss attributable to inadequate or improper protective measures taken by us in regard to the packing.
Mark & Sign on the surface of each package the package number, measurement, gross weight , net weight and the wordings "RIGHT SIDE UP"' , "HANDLE WITH CARE", "KEEP DRY", and the above shipping mark will be stenciled with fadeless paint.
Commercial Documents commercial invoice/packing list/insurance policy/certificate of origin/full set of bill of lading
Quality Certificates inspection certificate/raw material data sheet/quality certificate/heat treatment certificate/certificate of quality/certificate of quantity
Inspection Report by the third party SGS/TUV/SAG or as request
Official Payment letter of credit (L/C)/payment against documents/TT or as request
Quick Payment western union/credit card/Paypal/alipay/wechat or as request
Special Service (DDP/DDU) door to door (by courier/by sea/ by air/by train/by bus or combined transportation)
our experienced transportation team provides door to door service, including customs clearance in destination country.
Standard Service FOB/CFR/CIF/FCA or as request

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