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Hydraulic Nuts: Work Principle, Advantages and Usage

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Update time : 2021-09-27 09:57:30
Hydraulic nuts are used for bolts that need to be disassembled frequently; pre-tightening of oversized bolts; locking of large workpieces and other occasions. It can also be used as a hydraulic interference connection removal tool. Mounting or dismounting bearings on tapered shafts or bushings is often a difficult and time-consuming project. The use of hydraulic nuts can improve efficiency and reduce such problems. Let's find out more.

Principle of operation

The working principle of the hydraulic nut is to use relatively high pressure oil to generate thrust and tension when in use, so that bolts or large workpieces can be well connected together. This makes it easy to install and uninstall bearings and large workpieces that often need to be installed and uninstalled, not only accurately but also safely and effortlessly, greatly improving work efficiency. GOODKLIFE offers high-quality hydraulic nuts and welcome to visit us.

Application scenarios

1、Hydraulic nuts are widely used in metallurgy, copper and aluminium metal industry, paper making industry, hydraulic locking on slitting shears, etc.
2、Installation and dismantling of propellers, rudder tiles, etc.
3、Removal of high-pressure jointing surfaces, such as train wheels, couplings, flywheels and gears, etc.
The hydraulic nut is particularly suitable for tightening in confined spaces and heavy load vibrating machinery. Widely used in the paper industry and metallurgical industry for mounting and unmounting propellers and rudder tiles, as well as for dismounting train wheels and flywheels.




1,It is suitable for all kinds of vibration, fast rotation, large force equipment and narrow space, economic and efficient, light weight and high precision.
2, They can be equipped with manual hydraulic pump, pneumatic hydraulic pump and electric hydraulic pump.
3,The nut can be disassembled and replaced with a damaged O-ring by means of a measuring ring attachment screw, saving time and parts costs compared to a universal design.
4,Multiple hydraulic nuts can be used simultaneously.
5,The same size hydraulic nut can be used for mounting and dismounting the withdrawal sleeve, which is not possible with hydraulic nuts of patented designs such as with gauges or linkage blocks.
6,No need to use a gauge, but by the structure of the design of the measurement ring, accurate and stable direct measurement of the bearing required axial forcing distance.

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