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Three Common Types of Slitting Shear Blades

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Update time : 2021-11-05 17:26:04
With the rapid development of modern industry, whether in the aircraft rolling and automotive and bridge business, or in the instrumentation and electrical equipment, slitting machine blades have been involved. So what is a slitting shear blade and what kinds of blades does it have?

Roll shear blades, also known as disc blades, are used in sheet metal industry slitting equipment on a slitting tool, named for its two sets of tools longitudinal bite slitting, generally made of high-speed steel and carbide, they will undergo a complete set of vacuum heat treatment as well as deep cooling treatment to ensure uniform hardness.

Classifications of shear knives

The types of slitting machine blades can be simply divided into the following three categories.

Specialized Slitting Machine Blades

These slitting shear blades are generally used in conjunction with other equipment to help them perform special shearing tasks. In detail, it can be expressed in the following three areas.
1, as a cold-forming line longitudinal shear blades.
2, in the processing of steel structures need such longitudinal shear blades.
3, the use of plate opening line shear blades, generally to help those in the production process needs to be quickly completed in the shear link to use.

Multi-purpose longitudinal shear blades

This slitting shear blades can also be divided into two forms to use.
It is a high-precision slitting shear blade, in the use of this slitting shear blade as long as the material is put in, you can complete the necessary shearing of the plate, not only can be formed in one go, but also can be accurate, the main thing is that this slitting shear blade is generally used for the process of shearing under the material, so the use of very high efficiency. There are two kinds of normal longitudinal shear blades for sheet material and beveled blade shear blades.

Flat knife shear blades

The design of the flat blade form makes the quality of the shear out of the plate is very good, will not appear distortion phenomenon. And in use can be divided into up-cut type and down-cut type. This also requires the operator to have the necessary experience to avoid accidents in the work, resulting in damage to equipment or loss of plate prices. Please follow GOODKLIFE to see more.

The basic performance of the slitting machine blade is mainly to be required to meet the needs of people using. It is divided into ordinary tools and shaped tools. Ordinary tools only need to be simple long or round, to achieve the cutting effect on the items on the line. But the shaped tool must require a piece of the item to cut or remove, it has special requirements in the use of the requirements and shape.

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