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Why are there grooves on the surface of the knife and bonded stripper ring, and why are there grooves in the inner holes?

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Author : Yuan Feng
Update time : 2021-05-13 17:13:37
When installing the knife, the operator often applies some lubricating oil on the knife shaft in order to facilitate the installation of the knife. As the operator pushes the knife, bonded stripper ring, and spacer (ring) toward the shaft shoulder, the lubricating oil on the shaft will be scraped by their inner circle. Because oil is sticky, it will inevitably stick to dust, garbage, and even metal particles. Once the rubbish is stuck on the surface of the tool, it will greatly affect the accuracy of the knife.

In order to prevent this phenomenon from happening, we have consciously designed annular grooves on the surface of all tools except those thin rings to contain these oily garbage, so we call it dirt groove. Because the thin ring is too thin to produce the dirt groove, be especially careful when installing the thin ring.

The grooves in the inner holes of some thick rings and large rings have two main purposes:
1) Reduce the amount of processing of high-precision surfaces;
2) Reduce their weight.

Slitting tools with bothside dirt groove