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Reliable Slitter knife Manufacturer: Goodklife

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Update time : 2021-07-30 17:10:17

Slitter knives are designed to slit a variety of materials in a variety of applications. Because of their ability to cut materials such as paper, plastics and textiles, they can be used in many industries. At Goodklife, we sell both straight knives and rotary blades. We can design blades for a variety of machine models and customize each result for our customers.

Most slitter blades have a beveled edge for optimal cutting power. The beveled edge allows the blade to cut through the material rather than forming a standard cut. When the primary purpose of a slitter blade is to pierce, it has teeth. These teeth gradually create smaller cuts, such as those found on peelable paper products.Our sales engineers can help you determine which blade solution is best for your application. Or we will listen to your needs and design a custom solution.

Slitter blades can slit a wide variety of materials

Paper. Slitter blades can create cuts and perforations in paper for a variety of applications.
Corrugated products. Corrugated products, such as fiberboard and cardboard, require high-quality blades for optimal cutting results.
Aluminum foil and film. Our precision slitting blades have the sharpness needed to cut aluminum foil smoothly. You can also request custom blades to cut other fine materials, such as film.
Textiles. Textiles require sturdy blades that hold their edges during routine cutting operations.
Metal sheets. We can design slitting knives for metals of all thicknesses and compositions. Their sharpness and durability allow you to handle a variety of synthetic materials.

Reasons to choose Goodklife

Superior craftsmanship.
As one of most well-known manufacturer of coil slitting blades manufacturer in China, we have a sets of precision equipments to make our blades. Every year, we receive the repeated order from our regular customers reaches 10,000,000 USD, mostly exported to Germany, United States, The kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Norway...etc.
Design the slitting line to meet the slitting requirements.
Check and solve the problems that occur during the slitting process.
Adjust the gap between the upper knife and the lower knife.
Re-sharpening the malfunctioning slitting tools.