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Shear Machines and Shear Blades Offer Benefits for Your Business

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Update time : 2022-04-26 16:39:38
Shearing machine blades can do wonders without considering the cost of purchasing the equipment. The machine is perfect for high end precision and offers a long life cycle to its users so they can generate maximum returns with it at low cost. Let us know how these machines can benefit your business. 

The shear blade is the core component of the shearing machine and its quality will directly determine the effectiveness of the shearing. A good shear blade not only needs to meet the requirements of form tolerance, but also needs to choose the material and design the production process according to the customer's specific cutting conditions. A perfect tolerance can ensure the accuracy and constancy of the upper and lower blade clearance In the shearing process, the appropriate blade material and processing technology can greatly improve the service life of the shear blade, to avoid the occurrence of chipping.

Shearing machine advantages


1) High Accuracy

Accuracy is one thing that you need to focus on before buying the machine. The machine can do vertical linear motion to help you achieve small deformation and accurate straightness of the material being sheared. The cylinder, blade and knife beam are in a straight line, which is not easily deformed. Therefore, it moves and operates efficiently in the direction perpendicular to the lower blade.

2) Adjustment of shear angle

You can simply adjust the shear angle of the machine. It is the angle formed by the shear plane corresponding to the direction of tool travel. You can adjust the angle by adjusting the volume of the oil chamber of both cylinders. We can do this to increase the shear angle and shear capacity. We can do this to reduce the shear angle and increase the shear speed.


3) Increase Blade Life

The machine you are getting from Indian shear manufacturer has rectangular blade with four sides cutting, so the blade life is twice as long as normal blade. GOODKLIFE blades are accurate in size, good in finish, safe in use, compact in design, strong in construction, corrosion resistant and durable. We can provide custom sizes and various technical specifications according to the buyers' needs. We are involved in offering a range of shearing machine blades to our customers. With our vast experience in the industry, we are committed to provide quality assured custom shearer blades with excellent standards of strength, easy installation and durable finish at competitive prices.

Wide range of applications

The machine has a wide range of applications and can be used to cut metals of stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel and many other materials. So cutting will not be a problem for the machine.
Excellent shear blades should have the following characteristics: suitable material, mature and excellent heat treatment process, good tolerance to ensure stable and accurate blade clearance.


If you need to buy the blades, please contact us today to get the quote. GOODKLIFE cooperates with many famous machine manufacturers in a wide range of industries and can provide more professional guidance for customers. No matter your machine is guillotine or swing shear, European brand or Asian brand, we can provide you with the most professional solution.