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How to arrange the clearance in the male unit or the female unit?

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Author : Mr. Jiang
Update time : 2021-06-24 16:44:49
Generally, the cutting clearance is arranged in female unit. If the nominal size of the strip width is 100 mm, and the clearance is arranged in the female unit, the median value of the strip width is 100 mm, and the deviation is positive or negative. However, for many strips, due to downstream processing needs, it is hoped that all the tolerances will be negative, and the clearance must be arranged in the male unit. At this time, the width of the male unit will be two clearances smaller than the original width (when the gap is arranged in the female unit).

If the strip width has a larger negative tolerance than the clearance, then calculate the intermediate value of its tolerance as the nominal size of the strip width, and then arrange it indirectly in the female unit, and the result can meet the requirements.

If the clearance is arranged in the male unit, the way of slitting tooling setup will be very different from when the clearance is arranged in the male unit. Some manufacturers like to use thinner knives to achieve their goals. This is suitable for coils of one thickness, but when coils have many thicknesses, a lot of knives with different thicknesses are required, which increases the difficulty of management and production costs. Some companies also like to achieve this by placing a thin spacer ring in the male unit. The methods are different, but the effect is the same.


Female and Male Units of Slitting Setup