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A Guide to Maintaining Guillotine Shear Blades

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Update time : 2021-08-27 15:41:02

Guillotines or shears have been used for decades to cut materials ranging from paper to plastic or steel. And today, they have evolved into professional, state-of-the-art machines capable of cutting materials of different thicknesses very accurately and quickly. The performance of a guillotine blade directly determines the short term use of the plate, therefore, it needs to be regularly maintained, cleaned, sharpened and replaced. Do you know how to maintain guillotine shear blades?

Guillotine shear blade for hydraulic shearing machine

Keeping the tool sharp

Typically, guillotine shear operators will only replace the blade when it becomes dull. If the machine has cut until the blades become dull, then it is usually beyond the point where the knives need to be replaced. If the metal shear's blades become dull, more clamping pressure is required when cutting, which can cause damage to the machine. The hydraulic cylinder in the machine can be damaged if the dull blade is used repeatedly. Therefore, the replacement blades of the metal shear should be changed frequently so that they can always be kept sharp.

Regular blade replacement

This relates to questions such as how long a sharp knife can be used or how often the blades should be sharpened or replaced. Depending on the type of blade used, we suggest a general rule of thumb. That said, depending on the type of trimming scissors used, this should give you a better idea of when the blades need to be replaced.

Clean the blades regularly

Cleaning is indispensable. Cleaning removes the dirt, debris and rust that adheres to the blades and is one of the most important steps in maintaining the life of the blades. Remember, unpainted parts should be regularly coated with rust-proof grease after cleaning.

Sharpening Shear Blades

When the blade becomes dull, we need to sharpen the blade. Because by grinding and maintenance, the guillotine shear blade can keep its basic performance very well. At the same time, the cutting of the workpiece will be more powerful and ensure the smooth operation.

Tips for grinding blades are as follows

1. Pay attention to parallelism when grinding blades.
2. If the grinding surface is found to be tilted, we can change the grinding pressure.
3. Pay attention to and check the accuracy and calibration of the grinding blades.
4. When grinding blades, the temperature of the steel blade should not exceed 50 degrees. Because the high temperature will affect the accuracy of the guillotine shear blade. When the temperature is too high, please cool down for a period of time before continuing to work.
5. Shearer blades can usually only polish 1-3 times. When polishing more than 5 times, you should replace the blade of sheet metal shear.
The life span of a shearing machine can last for more than 10 years. However, if it is not carefully maintained, the life span of the blades will not be as long.

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